Valet parking guests want a digital, modern valet experience that relates to them, and enhances their daily lives. Guests are tired of losing their gosh darn paper tickets or waiting for cars at the valet stand.

Here are ten reasons why you should make this switch now!

  1. Become digital. (Your guests already are)

    Nowadays, everybody carries a phone in their hands. Access to wifi and high-speed phone networks is getting better and better. Your guests have been living in the digital world for a long time. From ordering food to Tick-tock, Instagram, even booking private airplanes. And now, they’ll use their mobile device to manage their valet parking experience.

  2. FACT – Guests don’t carry cash anymore

    Only 16% of consumers now carry cash, and 58% plan to stop using it completely. This is according to Travis Credit Union, which polled more than 2,000 adults in the United States in August 2020 about their relationship with money. So, for a business like a valet parking that heavenly relies on tips and cash transactions, Summon offers a great alternative to making the switch to the new cashless norm.

  3. Guests want to tip in digital format

    I’m sure you hear your guest asking you; do you have “Cash App, Venmo, Apple Pay”? – Your guests want to tip for service. American culture has been trained to be generous tippers. In fact, according to our research, tips paid through our app can be up to 40% higher than cash tips.

  4. Guests want to be in control

    We live in the age of tracking everything; even amazon tells you how many “stops” away from your house is your order of premium toilet paper. People like to be in control because this helps them manage their anxiety. The same concept applies to valet parking. This “anxiety” we just mentioned is exponentially higher because guests entrust you with one of their most valuable things, their vehicle! Give guests the control and visibility they want with our ticketless valet solution.

  5. Guests do not want to wait

    Ain’t nobody got time for dat! The valet parking experience is supposed to enhance the guest’s life. Paper tickets require guests to come back to the valet stand to request their vehicle, adding unwanted wait time. Adding even the minimal wait time to your guest’s super busy life is a downer. With Summon’s ticketless valet, guest can request their vehicle from their issues web ticket making it super convenient for guests to retrieve their vehicle without wasting their time!

  6. Millennials are in the driving seat.

    Yup, that’s right, they have been your customer for a long time, and these humans are used to everything digital, so when you hand them a paper ticket, they may look at you trying to figure out what to do with such a thing. Noticed the sarcastic tone? That’s exactly what this breed of humans eat for breakfast. However, under the proper setup, millennials are extremely good at paying and tipping using digital tickets.

  7. Streamline operations increase revenue

    Avoid the pitfalls of paper tickets like slow check-ins and guest overcrowding at the valet stand. With Summon, your entire team can be working on the shift. You can have a person checking in vehicles while multiple runners park and retrieve vehicles. Lightning-fast check-ins and complete control over the valet experience ensure guests don’t have a reason to slip away and not use your service.

  8. Valet runners are already on their phones

    Chances are your runners are sneaking around trying to check on their phone to learn about important stuff on tick-tock. When guests see this, they may not be thrilled as they are about to hand over the keys to one of their most valuable things. However, if the valet attendant uses their phone to check-in guests, they will feel better about it and exchange their skepticism for the control you give them with the web ticket. Everybody wins.

  9. Prevent revenue slippage

    It happens; you know it and your momma knows it. There isn’t much explanation needed on this benefit since Digitalizing your operation makes away with employees reselling tickets.

  10. What gets measured gets improved

    Gone are the days of counting paper tickets at the end of a shift or creating reports in excel sheets that only you can understand! With Summon’s ticketless mobile app, you get access to instant shift reports and a detailed view of all your tickets and transactions. Freeing up a lot of your management activities allows you to start thinking about real growth.