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Frequently Asked Questions

Summon Ticketless Valet

Absolutely not. There are no setup fees associated with our service. In fact, we're ready to assist you with setting up your locations to ensure you get the most out of Summon. If you need help, feel free to reach out to our support team at support@summon.tech.

No, we do not charge per location. With Summon, you have the freedom to add an unlimited number of locations to your account. Our pricing structure is designed with scalability in mind, ensuring that our success is directly tied to your growth.

A transient ticket refers to a temporary digital ticket issued to guests or customers using the valet parking service on an occasional or one-time basis. These are typically guests who are not regular users of the service, such as restaurant diners or event attendees.

A permanent ticket, on the other hand, is a digital ticket issued for regular or long-term users of the valet parking service. These are typically residents, employees, or individuals who frequently use the service at a specific location. The permanent ticket is associated with the customer's vehicle and simplifies the check-in/check-out process for both the customer and the valet operator.

A check-in is the action of registering a vehicle into the Summon system at the start of the valet service. During a check-in, essential details such as the customer's information and vehicle details are recorded. The same check-in process is also performed when a vehicle is re-parked or brought back into the system after being out. No new ticket is issued in these cases; instead, the existing digital ticket's status is updated. This continuous tracking helps to accurately reflect the vehicle's current status throughout the valet service.

Absolutely not. Our valet solution is fully accessible on both iOS and Android platforms. To manage your locations, you simply need a mobile device equipped with a data plan. This means every member of your team can utilize their personal devices to join our real-time collaboration platform, eliminating the need for leasing any additional equipment.

month-to-month basis. We simply charge per ticket, ensuring you only pay for what you use. This way, we accommodate your business's unique needs and growth.

With Summon, you can get started quickly. Registering a new account typically takes just about a minute. Adding and setting up a location in the system takes around 5 minutes. If you choose to integrate with Stripe for payment processing, this is an optional step that takes approximately an additional 5 minutes. So, in as little as 6 minutes, you can have your system fully operational and ready to manage your valet operations.

There's no need for a traditional credit card machine with Summon. Your mobile device, transformed into a credit card processing tool, simplifies and modernizes the payment process. We're dedicated to providing an optimized transaction experience and are always working on improving our system. Currently, we're actively testing functionalities like 'Tap to Pay' and others to make your operations smoother and more efficient. So, stay tuned for exciting updates and enhancements!

No, we do not impose any charges on your guests. However, Summon provides you with the option to apply a "Convenience Fee" to your guests' transactions. This small additional charge can help you offset the costs of using our app and potentially generate extra revenue. As this fee enables guests to enjoy the conveniences of requesting their vehicle, making payments, and tipping all through their web ticket, most guests find it an acceptable trade-off for the enhanced service.

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