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Benefits for valet operators

Upgrade your valet operations with Summon's ticketless valet solution

Ticketless Valet

How it works for valet operators

Summon's ticketless valet solution is seamless and contactless.

Benefits for Valet customers

Enhance customer satisfaction with a modern valet experience

Unleash the full potential of your operations and boost your revenues today!

Manage rates, validate transactions, optimize tips and track fees. Connect to Stripe for credit card and mobile payments.

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* Venmo & Cash App are coming soon. Additional fees apply.

The downside of paper tickets 

Paper tickets create inconvenience and hazards for valet parking customers, decreasing the value of the service.

The most efficient valet parking operations run on Summon

Weather you are running simple restaurant valet operation or a complicated mix-use, multiple-podium, multiple-rates location, Summon is here to empower you to quickly deploy our valet parking system in the following setups. 

Offer a fantastic restaurant valet parking experience. Guest guests can request vehicles in advance, validate, pay, and tip with a credit card, provide experience feedback, all while feeling safe with our contactless experience. No app required!

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By integrating Summon into the hotel PMS, you can provide hotel guests a seamless branded valet experience. Guests can request their vehicles digitally in advance anytime, anywhere, and charges get applied directly to their room.

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Improve the experience of mall visitors. Have guest request their vehicle to be waiting for them in different doors depending on their location. Integrate Summon and boost tips by having guests pay and tip with their credit card through their mobile device.

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Have your staff focused on moving cars fast and let Summon do the rest. Guest can save valuable time using their digital web tickets to request, pay, and tip in advance. In addition, whether the parking is paid or complimentary, guests can quickly tip their valet driver using a credit card.

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Provide a thoughtful hospital valet parking experience. Guest can be checked-in in under 10 seconds, so they are never late to an appointment. Hospital guest can request their vehicle at any time using our web tickets, skip the wait, and enjoying a complete contactless experience.

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Provide residents a luxurious valet parking experience. Permanent membership tags allow residents to park and retrieve their vehicles seamlessly. In addition, Summon helps track residents' multiple cars without slowing down their day.

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Provide guest a luxurious valet parking experience. Guest can request their vehicle ahead of time while enjoying the tables inside the casino.

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Flash vehicle checkins allows you to checking multiple vehicles at once helping you to move vehicles from the ramp super fast. 

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Offer a fantastic restaurant valet parking experience that will leave patrons happy and coming back.

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Hotels & Resorts

Enhance your guests' valet experience with In/Out privileges, the option to share their web tickets, and the convenience of pre-requesting vehicles.

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Shopping Mall

Make your mall visitors' experience more convenient by allowing them to request their vehicles at the door closest to their location.

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Speed up office and commercial parking with Summon. Guests can request, pay, and tip using digital web tickets.

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Provide a thoughtful hospital valet parking experience. Guest can be checked-in in under 10 seconds, so they are never late to an appointment. 

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Provide residents a luxurious valet parking experience. Membership tags allow residents to park and retrieve their vehicles seamlessly.

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Heighten your casino guests' parking experience by allowing them to pre-request their vehicles while they play.

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Accelerate the event check-in process with our Flash feature, allowing you to check multiple vehicles simultaneously.

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I love using Summon because of the ease of use for all of my employees. It is quick and intuitive and even my newest employee picks up on it very quickly.

Alex Farrington
Prestige Valet Services

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