As the product manager at Summon Inc., I’m thrilled to share insights into the latest enhancements we’ve incorporated into Summon 4.0.

Our team is dedicated to refining our valet parking solution to enhance both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. This latest update focuses on advancing the check-in process, optimizing tip collection, and introducing a more integrated payment experience.

Advanced Check-In Process

In Summon 4.0, we’ve taken the check-in experience to a new level. Alongside the innovative tag scanning feature, operators can now document additional vehicle details, including color, make, model, and even capture images of any existing damage. This enhancement not only adds a layer of security and trust but also provides a more detailed account of the vehicle, ensuring a smoother and more accountable valet service.

Streamlined Tip Collection

We’ve introduced a standalone tip collection feature to accommodate the shift towards cashless transactions, especially in locations where valet services are complimentary. This feature allows customers to tip directly through their mobile device, with the option for operators to set suggested tip amounts. This adjustment is designed to increase convenience for customers and potentially boost tip revenues for operators.

Seamless Payment Integration

A major update in Summon 4.0 is our improved checkout experience. We’ve integrated payment processing within the app, moving away from the previous Stripe redirect. This change ensures a more cohesive and user-friendly experience, allowing customers to complete secure transactions without navigating away from the Summon interface.

Your Role in Our Evolution

Your feedback as valet operators is vital in shaping the future of our product. We encourage you to share your experiences, ideas, and suggestions for features you’d like to see prioritized in future updates. Together, we can continue to enhance the Summon valet parking experience.


Summon 4.0 represents a significant advancement in our mission to provide top-tier valet parking solutions. With these latest features, we aim to streamline operations, improve the customer experience, and address the specific needs of the modern valet parking industry. We invite you to explore these new functionalities and experience the difference they make in your daily operations.