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Valet Parking System

Run smoother, and more efficient operations with Summon’s ticketless valet parking system.

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What is a valet parking system?

#1 Valet Parking System

Summon’s valet parking system elevates operators quality of service and efficiency.

Ticketless is the modern solution for streamlined valet operations

Ticketless valet is revolutionizing the traditional valet service landscape, eliminating the need for paper tickets and enhancing the customer experience.

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Valet Parking System

Frequently Asked Questions

A Ticketless Valet System replaces traditional paper tickets with digital ones, making the entire process more streamlined, eco-friendly, and secure. Customers receive a digital ticket via SMS, which they can use to request their vehicle when they’re ready to leave, eliminating the hassle of keeping track of a paper ticket.

Summon places the utmost importance on security. All data transmitted through our platform is encrypted using industry-standard protocols. Additionally, access to the system is restricted to authorized personnel only, ensuring both customer and operator information is secure.

Our system is designed to be versatile and can run on any modern smartphone or tablet. This allows you to implement Summon without the need for specialized hardware, making the transition smoother and more cost-effective.

Summon is designed with user-friendliness in mind. We offer comprehensive training resources including video tutorials and customer support to ensure your staff is up and running in no time.

Yes, Summon is built to manage multiple locations seamlessly. You can control various operations from a single dashboard, making it easier to scale your valet services.

We support a variety of payment methods including credit/debit cards and mobile payments, all securely processed through Stripe.

No, while SMS is a convenient option, we also support other methods for ticket distribution such as email or through our dedicated Summon Valet App.

Summon allows you to set flexible rate structures based on time, demand, and special events. This can all be controlled from your operator dashboard.

There is no minimum monthly usage requirement with Summon. Our pricing is flexible, allowing you to only pay for what you use.

Summon provides a detailed analytics dashboard accessible through your operator account. Here you can view key performance indicators, ticket reports, and revenue data, updated in real-time.

Setting up your Summon system can be done in as little as one day. We provide step-by-step guides and customer support to ensure a smooth setup process.

We offer 24/7 customer support through various channels including phone, email, and live chat. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you with any challenges you may face.

Supported Valet Operations

No matter the complexity of your valet operations, Summon can offer a tailored solution.  


Provide residents a luxurious valet parking experience. Membership tags allow residents to park and retrieve their vehicles seamlessly.

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Offer a fantastic restaurant valet parking experience that will leave patrons happy and coming back.

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Hotels & Resorts

Enhance your guests' valet experience with In/Out privileges, the option to share their web tickets, and the convenience of pre-requesting vehicles.

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Shopping Mall

Make your mall visitors' experience more convenient by allowing them to request their vehicles at the door closest to their location.

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Provide a thoughtful hospital valet parking experience. Guests can be checked in in under 10 seconds, so they are never late for an appointment.

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Speed up office and commercial parking with Summon. Guests can request, pay, and tip using digital web tickets.

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Accelerate the event check-in process with our Flash feature, allowing you to check multiple vehicles simultaneously.

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Heighten your casino guests' parking experience by allowing them to pre-request their vehicles while they play.

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Happy Parking Operators

I love using Summon because of the ease of use for all of my employees. It is quick and intuitive and even my newest employee picks up on it very quickly.

Alex Farrington
Prestige Valet Services

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Customer Testimonial

Summon's Application has been a game-changer for us at Infinity Parking, especially in managing our multi-use location. Its user-friendly interface and accurate real-time data ensure smooth operations across different zones. Our clients appreciate the efficiency it brings. Highly recommended!

Infinity Valet Service

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Customer Testimonial

Estoy muy satisfecha con Summon's Application, cubre todas mis necesidades en el manejo del parqueo residencial. Es fácil de usar y brinda datos precisos de los vehículos que ingresan y salen. También valoro mucho el servicio al cliente de Summon. Recomiendo esta aplicación al 100% por simplificar mi trabajo.

PVP Parking

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