We are thrilled to announce the strategic partnership between Summon Inc. and Athena Partners Strategy Group, Inc. (APSG), a collaboration set to revolutionize the valet parking industry by transitioning traditional paper ticket operations to an efficient, digital, ticketless system.

The Partnership

The strategic partnership between Summon Inc. and Athena Partners Strategy Group, Inc. (APSG) represents a significant advancement in the valet parking industry. This collaboration aims to revolutionize traditional parking management by introducing a state-of-the-art, ticketless system, a move that’s expected to redefine customer experience and operational efficiency in valet services.

Summon’s advanced digital valet solution, known for enhancing parking operations with its innovative platform, provides a robust foundation for this partnership.

“Our mission has always been to digitalize the valet industry. This partnership amplifies our capabilities, bringing our advanced ticketless technology to a wider audience,” says Esteban Gonzalez, CEO of Summon.

APSG, with its deep-rooted connections and expertise in technology consultancy, extends the reach of Summon’s solutions into new markets and sectors

“Welcoming innovation isn’t simply a matter of convenience; it’s an absolute necessity,” says Nick Stanton, Managing Partner at Athena Partners Strategy Group. “The Parking and Valet services of the future require nothing less than efficiency, security, and seamless experiences. This collaboration between Summon and Athena will chart the course toward a future that benefits both parking operators and, most importantly, consumers.”

Together, Summon and APSG envision a future where valet parking is seamlessly integrated with digital innovation. This partnership not only aims to enhance the user experience for customers but also promises to streamline operations for valet service providers. Combining Summon’s technological expertise with APSG’s strategic insights, this alliance is poised to tackle the challenges faced in the valet parking industry.

The collaboration opens up new avenues for both organizations. For Summon, it means accessing a broader market through APSG’s established network. For APSG, it presents an opportunity to offer more technologically advanced solutions to their clients.

About Summon Inc.

Summon Inc., headquartered in Atlanta, GA. is a pioneer in providing ticketless valet solutions aimed at modernizing and streamlining valet operations for various businesses. Through its innovative platform, valet operators can issue digital tickets, enabling customers to request their vehicles ahead of time using any mobile device.

The platform significantly enhances the valet experience by offering quick check-ins, real-time updates on vehicle status, and mobile payments, amongst other features. Notably, the system’s user-friendly interface ensures seamless adaptation for both valet operators and guests, promising an elevated valet experience.

Summon’s solution finds its applications across a range of establishments including restaurants, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, events, casinos, residential, and commercial settings.

For more information about Summon Inc., visit Getsummon.com.

About Athena Partners Strategy Group, Inc.

Located in Anaheim, California, APSG is a reputable governmental relations and technology consultancy organization. With a rich network of partners, APSG specializes in developing new business opportunities and launching solutions across various sectors including parking, transportation, curb management, and more. Their expertise lies in merging advanced technology with strategic partnerships to address the challenges faced by municipalities and other entities.

For more information about Athena Partners Strategy Group, Inc., visit Athenapsg.com.