I am a monster, and I have lost my valet ticket. The tiny slip of paper that once held my car is now missing, and with it my freedom.

I remember the night before, the charity event I had attended, the beautiful woman I had met, and the life I took. I have been sitting in this police interrogatory room for hours, denying any involvement in the murder.

But then, the detective pulls out my lost valet ticket, found at the crime scene. My heart races as I realize my mistake. The paper ticket, something I had disregarded as a mere inconvenience, had become my downfall.

The detective is getting closer, asking me questions about my car, the charity event, and the woman. I feel trapped, like a fly in a spider’s web, waiting for the end. My mind races as I try to come up with a plan, an excuse, anything to save myself.

And then I remember, there is a solution to this problem, a way to prevent this kind of frustration and danger. Summon ticketless valet, a modern, digital solution to paper tickets. I think back to all the events I had attended, all the times I had lost tickets, and the fear I had experienced in this room. I regret not discovering this solution sooner.

In the end, I am convicted of murder, my lost valet ticket the evidence that sealed my fate. But I know that others don’t have to suffer the same consequences. For those looking for a better solution, I invite you to browse Summon’s website for more information.