Security is a top concern for customers when it comes to parking services. Traditional parking systems that rely on paper tickets can leave both customers and parking services vulnerable to fraud and theft.

Ticketless parking is becoming an increasingly popular solution for parking services, as it provides a safer and more secure option for customers and helps reduce the risk of revenue loss for parking services.

A benefit of ticketless parking is its increased security level for customers. In a traditional parking system, customers must carry a paper ticket that can easily be lost or stolen, leaving them vulnerable. Digital valet tickets eliminate this risk by using digital tickets and sending customers an SMS text message with a link to their ticket.

Another risk of traditional parking systems is the potential for revenue slippage for valet operators. In big paper ticket operations, there are chances of members of the valet team not reporting all tickets and making a few extra bucks. Summon eliminates this risk by using digital tickets that are automatically captured and reflected as part of a shift report operators can access.

With Summon Valet’s Ticketless Solution, operators can monitor their operations remotely and easily keep track of all activity and revenue in real-time, all from the palm of their hands. With just a few clicks, operators can view real-time revenue data, monitor parking attendants’ activity, and make adjustments to their operations as needed. This not only provides greater visibility and control but also helps to increase efficiency and reduce the risk of revenue loss.

At Summon Valet, we’re proud to offer our Ticketless Solution, which provides a more secure, efficient, and eco-friendly parking experience for our customers and parking service partners.