Valet parking is a convenient service that transforms the parking experience by offering personalized parking solutions to individuals at various venues. By opting for valet parking, guests can skip the hassle of finding a parking spot, allowing them to proceed to their destinations with ease. This premium service is commonly found at hotels, restaurants, airports, and special events.

The Valet Parking Process

  1. Arrival: Upon arriving at the venue, guests are greeted by a valet attendant who collects their vehicle keys. At this point, Summon’s ticketless valet solution shines by issuing digital tickets via an SMS access link, replacing traditional paper tickets.
  2. Parking: The valet attendant carefully parks the guests’ vehicles in designated parking areas. Information regarding the vehicle location, key slot, and parking duration is meticulously recorded, ensuring a smooth retrieval process later on.
  3. Request and Retrieval: Guests can request their vehicles in advance using their web tickets. Upon request, valet staff are immediately notified to retrieve the requested vehicle. This modern solution empowers guests to have their cars ready and waiting, significantly reducing waiting times.
  4. Check-Out: After enjoying their stay, guests return to the valet stand to collect their vehicles. The digital ticket information is securely stored for reporting and optimization, making the check-out process seamless and efficient.

Advantages of Valet Parking

  1. Efficiency: Valet parking significantly speeds up the parking and retrieval process, especially during peak hours. This is crucial for busy locations aiming to provide an elevated customer experience.
  2. Customer Satisfaction: The convenience and professionalism inherent in valet services often lead to a higher level of customer satisfaction. Especially with Summon’s ticketless valet solution, customers enjoy a modern, streamlined valet experience.
  3. Secure Parking: Valet parking also ensures that vehicles are parked securely, with all details meticulously logged, ensuring peace of mind for guests.
  4. Enhanced Operations: For valet operators, the operational efficiency gained through a ticketless valet solution like Summon can lead to better team alignment, streamlined operations, and easy access to shift and ticket reports.


Valet parking is more than just a luxury—it’s a smart choice for venues aiming to provide a seamless and impressive guest experience. By embracing modern ticketless valet solutions like Summon, both valet operators and customers stand to benefit from enhanced efficiency, better collaboration, and a modernized valet experience.